Taxpayer Liaison Officer (TLO)

Taxpayer Liaison Officer (TLO)

What is the Taxpayer Liaison Officer?

The Taxpayer Liaison Officer is responsible for handling public access and informational matters. The liaison officer also resolves complaints that fall outside the jurisdiction of the Appraisal Review Board. At each regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the taxpayer liaison officer reports on the number, nature, and status of resolution on any complaints that have been made regarding either the Appraisal District and its staff or the Appraisal Review Board. In addition, if you require a translator, we ask that you let the Appraisal District / TLO know in advance so we can ensure we have someone to assist you.

What does the Taxpayer Liaison do?

The taxpayer liaison officer’s duties include:

  • Administer the public access functions required by the Property Tax
  • Supports efforts to assist property owners in understanding the
    appraisal process, protest procedures and related matters.
  • Report to the board at each meeting on the status of all complaints.
  • Assist access to the board by non-English speaking and disabled
    property owners.
  • Prepare information describing board functions and procedures
    involving how complaints are filed and resolved.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Policies for Reviewing and Responding to Complaints

The Board of Directors will consider written complaints about the policies and procedures of the Appraisal District, the Board of Directors (or any specific member thereof), or any other matter within its lawful jurisdiction. However, the board cannot consider any matter that might involve a challenge, protest, or correction before the Appraisal Review Board as set out by the Texas Property Tax Code. Additionally, the board has no authority to overrule the Chief Appraiser or the Appraisal Review Board’s decision on a value, correction, or protest. Any complaints submitted should specify the nature of the complaint, the name of individual/s, board or department that is involved, dates, and contact information. Please mail or deliver written complaints and correspondence to:

Theresa Norris, Taxpayer Liaison Officer or The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Gregg County Appraisal District

4367 W Loop 281

Longview TX, 75604