Appraisal Review Board

Appraisal Review Board

Board MembersTitle
Bill BartlemayChairman
Kirk HendersonSecretary
Jose SanchezBoard Member
Mark ArmstrongBoard Member
Dawnelle LaGroneBoard Member
Kasha WilliamsBoard Member
Gary B TaylorBoard Member
Jack PostBoard Member

The Role Of The Appraisal Review Board Members

The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is a group of citizens appointed by the local administrative District Judge that serve as the judicial part of the appraisal process. The ARB only has authority over matters that have been submitted via a formal protest or challenge. It has no role in the daily operations of the Appraisal District nor does it have any authority in the appraising of properties located within the jurisdiction. It is an independent group of individuals that hears and resolves disputes over appraisal matters.

The ARB has a broad and important responsibility to the taxpayers, but must also be sensitive to both legal and practical limitations. Outside of decisions regarding a protest, challenge, or correction motion, the ARB does not possess the authority to change a value or correct appraisal records directly. When a taxpayer protests a property, the ARB is only able to make changes to the property being protested and not the surrounding properties. For more information on the Appraisal Review Board, please see the “Property Taxpayer Remedies” provided by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

ARB AD for 2023-2024 Term
Application for Appointment to the Appraisal Review Board

Taxpayers with Special Accommodations

The board will provide an interpreter at a meeting upon the request of a person who does not speak English or who must communicate by sign language. The request must be made to the Taxpayer Liaison Officer in writing with advance notice prior to the meeting. The Appraisal District office has van accessible parking spaces available (3) for use by handicapped individuals located at the front parking area of the building.

The Appraisal District board room is wheelchair accessible and any individual who requires assistance for entry or access should contact the Taxpayer Liaison Officer in writing with advance notice prior to the meeting. If notice is not given in advance, the district will attempt to make the appropriate accommodations.


Gregg Appraisal Review Board Hearing Procedures
2023 Agenda Hearing Procedures