The Gregg Appraisal District Completes Records Certification Process for 2022 Appraisal Year.

The Gregg Appraisal District has completed the records certification process for the 2022 appraisal year.

The Appraisal District is responsible for the appraisal of all Gregg County properties as required by the Texas Tax Code.

The Appraisal District provides the certified information to local taxing entities. These entities use the data in setting their budgets and property tax rates. Each Tax Assessor/Collector collects the taxes from property owners and distributes the funds to the local entities.

Each local entity uses the collected funds to provide the public service duties that fall under its responsibility. This includes education, infrastructure, health, safety, public welfare and other services as determined by public need.

Regarding how your tax dollars are spent, you have the option to attend and speak at the local hearings where elected officials both set tax rates and decide how tax revenue is used.  The State of Texas has made this process easier for the property owner by requiring the establishment of a website for each county that contains the information related to these hearings.  It includes the time and date of the meetings for each entity as well as contact information. will provide information related to Gregg County properties, or, will link to tax information for all Texas counties.